2015/16 Team

The University of Edinburgh selected 8 students to compete on its behalf in the 23rd Willem C Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in Vienna. This year’s team is comprised of very promising and dedicated students who are all working tirelessly in order to succeed in Vienna. We will be hosting a pre-moot in February, the 5th Edinburgh International Willem Vis Pre-Moot 2015/16, where the Edinburgh team will get a chance to test their skills by presenting oral arguments in a formal setting. We also hope to participate in another pre-moot before going to Vienna in March.

This year’s team coach is Snjólaug Árnadóttir, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh and former Vis Moot participant. Fergus Whyte, a postgraduate student at University of Edinburgh, acts as an assistant coach since he was deemed to be over qualified to participate as a team member. Dr Simone Lamont-Black is the course organiser, she initiated this project in 2010 and has overseen Edinburgh’s teams ever since.

The team members have varied backgrounds and different strengths. They originate from China, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, The United States, Cyprus, India, South Korea, Romania and Spain. Together they form a very strong and motivated team.

10469544_440719029467063_2283541450433696247_oteamTeam Members                                               Team with coaches
SatyamariabSatya Talwar Mouland                                      Maria Botez

LucasLauren Lucas Clover Alcolea                                     Lauren Otero
YueMC Yue Tian                                                          Maria Christofidou
jaeStevenJae Hyuk Lee                                                   Steven de la Vieter
sa1fergusSnjólaug Árnadóttir, team coach                                     Fergus Whyte, assistant coach

SimoneDr Simone Lamont-Black, course organiser